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Since 1990, Electrum has positioned itself to meet customer demand for solutions to their electroplating needs. We specialize in the highest quality gold and sliver electroplating as well as nickel, tin, and copper, painting and chemical coatings. Operating out of a 20,000 square foot, high capacity facility, Electrum has combined the latest technology with a proven commitment to quality. We provide precision plating for Montreal area customers in the electronics, telecommunications, hydroelectric, aero space and military industries.

Electroplating Quality Control and Electrum

Electrum understands that our obligation to providing you with quality service starts with investing in our employees through performance improvements and on-going training. Coupled with the latest in technology and equipment we provide our employees with the tools they need to continually search for better ways to control the quality of your finished product.

Certified to ISO 9001:2000, the name Electrum is synonymous with world standards for quality management practices in electroplating. We run a sophisticated tracking and reporting system to ensure on-time delivery and complete control of your products. The ISO sets the requirements that our quality control must meet and verification confirms that we are indeed managing the processes effectively to consistently turn out products that satisfy or exceed your expectations.

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Laboratory and Electroplating Product Testing

Our state of the art laboratory employs the best people and equipment to provide complete product testing at every stage of the electroplating process. We ensure that your job meets the highest industry standards by employing analytical laboratory methods to continually monitor all phases of the electroplating process. We use microscopic, x-ray fluorescence and Kocour techniques to determine electroplating thickness, thereby ensuring a high quality finished product and customer satisfaction.

Industry Plating Methods

Electroplating or electrodeposition is a process that uses electrical current to deposit a very thin metal coating, measured in the millionths [micro inch] of an inch, on the surface of an object. The process imparts a specific property to the object, that if left un-plated it would not have. For example, nickel plating improves corrosion resistance; conductivity is imparted to an object by plating with silver and an aesthetic quality is achieved by plating with gold.

Rack and Barrel methods are the two standard electroplating techniques employed at Electrum.

Rack plating:
in this method the parts to be plated are fixed with a wire and positioned on a metal rack. The electricity is conducted along the wire to the part and coated in the appropriate metal. The object can be plated entirely or on selected areas by masking areas where plating is not needed. This method can plate a variety of different part sizes and shapes.

Barrel plating: is a type of mass finishing that takes place in a barrel or tub and is commonly used for smaller durable parts. Current is supplied to the parts by means of fingers or tangler in the barrel. Plating uniformity is maintained by constantly turning the barrel. We employ various barrel sizes from 100 grams up to 30 kilograms to accommodate different part sizes.

By investing in our people and equipment Electrum guarantees satisfaction in delivering our complete line of electroplating services.

June 19, 2012
New treatment: Copper blackening

Electrum offers a new treatment Copper blackening as per MIL-F-495 that produce cupric oxide coating on copper and copper alloys containing 65% or more of copper. ...

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